Energy Deregulation

In the Early History of Energy, the United States was a rapidly growing nation. In order to supply customers with electricity, wires and pipes were linked to form energy distribution systems. For simplicity purposes, there was only one local provider of electricity and natural gas. This local infrastructure was built to insure that every household had service, however, this restricted customers to only one option when selecting a provider. This worked well for the initial growth years as it provided stability to customers throughout the county. But, due to no competition, local energy providers were allowed to set their own prices for the energy they sold.

Recently, our government has introduced the process of energy deregulation, allowing competition to be introduced at a state level. The purpose of energy deregulation is to give you, the customer, a choice of where your energy is purchased. Due to competition increasing in the market, this forced energy providers to become accountable for the prices at which they sell energy. As a consumer of energy, you can now designate which provider you choose to use.

At Kindred Energy LLC, we sit on your side of the table, allowing the most reputable providers to aggressively compete for your business. This can result in lower pricing, better service, and more favorable custom contract terms. The convenience of energy deregulation is that as a consumer, the natural gas or energy you use is identical regardless of the provider you select. If you chose a provider at a lower price, you are still guaranteed the same local service, same local quality, and same local delivery. Seeing as all distribution is identical, this allows Kindred Energy to assist you in negotiations with providers in effort to help you find the best pricing, service, and contract terms available. Kindred Energy has formed established relationships with reputable providers throughout the United States. Even if you are completely satisfied with your current provider, due to our relationships, our Energy Consultants may be able to restructure your current plan and lower your energy costs.

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